We Don't Just Make The Ring, We Also Maintain It

 Warranty Policy

Here are the following warranty for all jewelry purchased from Atum Jewelry

  • One Free Resizing
  • Lifetime Cleaning and Polishing
  • Lifetime Inspection
  • Free Lost Stone Replacement on Mounting no greater than 1/5 ct for 2 years

 - In order to have your warranty active, customer must visit us for a cleaning and inspection every six months.

- In the event a gemstone is lost from your jewelry due to normal wear and tear, we will replace that stone as long as your warranty is valid showing a cleaning and inspection record in the last six months. This includes smaller, accent diamonds. 

- We only guarantee our jewelry from any manufacture defects as long as we are the only ones who work on the items.

- Cleaning ensures that your fine jewelry is always looking exceptional and inspection ensures that their jewelry is ready for everyday wear and can help identify potential issues before they occur.

Our 2 year Warranty Exclude The Following Items: 

- Lost, or stolen items, we recommend that you insure your jewelry against theft and total loss. 

- Merchandise that has been abused or worn out of expectations for normal, everyday wear. Examples include garbage disposal mishaps and accidental run ins with your car tire and driveway.

- Our warranty does not cover loss or damage to any center diamond greater than 1/5ct

- Our 2 year warranties are nontransferable to a third party

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